A new kid on the #leithwalkshops block. In fact, I'm not sure that it's even open yet because there was a notice for the gas man coming to call on the door beside the shop itself.

Well apart from it being another day spending screen time on my lovely long document, it's also been a day when the UK has reverted to producing more news locally than it can consume. Not only do we have news of a General Election in June (ironically on a day when I'm supposed to be at a workshop on new trends in thinking about democracy...) but also an intimation that the Crown Prosecution Service may be about to charge up to 30 people in connection with expenses offences in the last general campaign. Now that could have an effect if it breaks during the general election campaign. We do live in interesting times...

Finally having a day off tomorrow, which is most welcome given the absence of any "Easter" break.

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