Friday Bunny Snuggles

Friday was a good day, but a day of disappointment as well.  A bridge sustained damage in a vehicle accident this week, and will remain closed all weekend.  This significantly changed our plans.  I had intended on attending a memorial service for a man that I went to school with from 2nd grade until graduation.  He passed away much too young, and I wanted to be there to honor him.  I couldn't leave work earlier enough to go the LONG way, and lacked the emotional energy, as well. 

Sugar was very sad to hear that we would also not be spending Easter with family, due to the bridge being closed.  Hard decisions, but they had to be made.  

We did get home in time for some fun in the sun.  Sugar loved on Mace Bunny.  He is our oldest bunny, and loves a good snuggle every now and again.  We trimmed his nails as well.  

Quiet night at home...happy for the weekend to be here, even if plans have changed.

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