Coloring Eggs

Saturday, we started the day with breakfast, and after the dishes were done.....coloring Easter Eggs.  We tired the shaving cream, and food dye method.  It was messy.....and fun, but only the pink really stuck to the eggs.  Didn't matter, though, as we just like the process of dying the eggs.  The end result didn't bother us much.  I had one for an afternoon snack though...and ummm....tasted a bit like shaving cream, darn it.  Too funny.  We only did 11 eggs, so no big loss. We learned an interesting lesson about eggs shells, and how permeable they are.  

Next, was Bunny mating time.  We mated Buttercup and Gatsby again.  This time we observed three successful pairings....soooooo fingers crossed.  We'll know in 30 days.  Sugar took Gatsby for a walk on the harness and leash, and Buttercup soaked up some sun in the playpen.  We put Autumn bunny in a the movable yard enclosure for the day as well, to get some exercise and sun.  She loved it.  

In the late afternoon, Sugar and I headed into town to see the "Boss Baby" movie.  A special treat to try to feel better about the disappointments of the weekend.  We enjoyed the movie together.  Stopped by the grocery store for a few items, and headed on home. 

Dinner, and bedtime.  So darn tired lately.  Started taking my iron pills again.  Hoping it helps. 

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