By Paladian

Bath time

As promised in yesterday's blip, I went up to the Belair National Park Flora Nursery this morning to try and find the name of that flower. It is a Thomasia (or paper flower), a species which mostly occurs in Western Australian with only one coming into South Australia. So there you have it.

I had a lovely time wandering around the nursery making plans in my head for a new native garden. I don't know where I am going to put it, but that's a small details.

There is a lovely lake in the park, and I spent quite a time just hanging out taking a few photos of ducks and such like. Then I caught a glimpse of today blip out of the corner of my eye. Taking courage from the exploits of RitchieBoo (my husband is going to wince when he reads this), I clambered down to the edge of the lake, and inched my way towards him.

I don't think I need have bothered all that much, because he was much more intent on his toilet than he was worrying about me. Parting my way through bushes with one hand and taking photos with the other, I slowly made my way towards him - or her. I was thrilled to get this blip.

So after all that excitement (and I didn't fall down, not even once) I came home to try and identify the bird. I knew it wasn't a cormorant, and it couldn't have been a heron because it has webbed feet. I trawled through my trusty book of Adelaide Birds. It wasn't in there. So a mad scrabble through the rest of my bird books, to discover It's an Australian Darter (anhinga novaehollandiae)

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