Woodlands Walk

Went for a walk near the podiatrist's surgery to while away an hour or so because I had locked myself out of the house. This little strip of woodland, surrounded by houses, is protected by the Fields in Trust charity which I had not heard of before. The charity protects community open spaces across the UK. It was a delightful oasis full of bluebells and wild garlic

I had gone back to the Podiatrist for a management plan for the sore foot  because the foot surgeon will not operate because I am high risk of having an embolism, having had a pulmonary embolism about 4 years ago and Mother had an embolism in her calf about 5 years ago.  He did not like the sound of  mother and daughter both having one and said I was too high risk for a non essential operation. He did not want me dying on him; not good for his statistics, I could see his point. 

Today the podiatrist performed detailed gait analysis on my feet to find out exactly what I am doing to cause my foot to be so sore. Clever stuff. Now I need to learn to walk differently- ha ha , that is nigh impossible. Let's try some new orthotics. 

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