By InvergordonArt

A Vision Takes Form

Artist Del Whitticase blogged a couple of days ago...

?"Had a meeting with the fabricators on Wednesday. They've made good progress making all the lighting elements to go on top of each pole. It was good to get a proper sense of the scale of the piece and to see how they'll all work together. Computer models can only go so far, I think, in getting a sense of how something will work in actuality.
I've been having a long running conversation with the project engineer about the width of the supporting poles. I wanted them to be as unobtrusive as possible. I wanted the heads to look like they were floating in the space. Unfortunately gravity is against me on this one. The laws of physics and indeed engineering have decreed that they need to be a certain thickness to withstand the rigors of the Scottish climate. Just one of the compromises that have to made in the process of making public sculpture.
I've also been spending a lot of time in the cupboard at home. Not a sudden bout of agoraphobia but the only way I could test out the different combinations of the coloured perspex and LED strips for the lighting part of the piece.
I've managed to get as close as I can to the colours in my visualisation but you can never get an exact match. There's no real way of knowing how they'll work until they're all together. Lets hope my time in the cupboard was worth it."

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