Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Broken down!

You can't say we don't have an exciting life! The day was all nice and quiet and smooth - much of it spent organising health insurance - filling out forms and collecting documents (yawn). Then G got home from work and I drove her to her student in Silicon Oasis.

That done, we got home for me to continue with the health insurance and she had a rest before going out again to Awana. I got on with the evening and thought she was a bit late when my phone went. It was G and instead of being downstairs, she was stranded on 2nd December Street! Argh! The Volvo broke down with very little notice.

I called for a tow truck and then headed out to meet up with her, and this is where I found her... another driver had helped her get the car into a bus stop and thankfully, it was a remarkably cool evening.

The tow truck man arrived and I am amazed at how easily they get a vehicle on, almost single-handedly. I then rode with him to the garage and G picked me up. As she was stopped on a busy street, we were able to get some dinner (Pizza Hut) so ate it in a quiet spot in Festival City overlooking Business Bay Bridge. Turns out to be quite the hot spot with loads of people walking along and enjoying the Creek and views.

Finally got home around 11pm. I treated G to ice cream. Poor thing; it's almost always her on her own when the car(s) break down!

Up to this time, my only picture was of my street which recorded a clear blue sky with clouds - a rare occurrence. And now we have a long weekend.

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