Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


How about this then?? G & I revisited Eat Greek today and whilst walking to the restaurant, we spotted this very unique suitcase in the window, so stopped to get my Wild Wednesday pic and to have a look at it. The salesman was more than happy to demonstrate it, but it was past 2:30 and we were hungry!

Great lunch; the food there is delicious, though I still find myself wishing they had hummous or tahini! We ate far too much and needed a nap rest when we got home at nearly 4:30. A very lazy evening ensued only interrupted by a surprise visit by someone we know from our previous church. He dropped off some songbooks and we got to meet his family.

And in the morning, I took the Volvo to the local garage to have its oil changed. It goes back to Volvo for all it's repairs and I suddenly realised that it hasn't had a service in ages. They wanted to wait till the rear brake pads arrive, but I didn't want to take any chances.

Well, I really had left it too long. The oil was black and thin. Yikes! The mechanic was very helpful though and said he would flush the engine. Fortunately they had the correct oil filter, so that is now all sorted for another 5,000 kilometres.

So, what do you think of having all your holiday clothes on a shelf ready to access?

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