Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Excerpts of the day

Our last full day in Muscat, and we have done a few things. Well, not really a few, but we have seen a lot. It's been a very cultural day!

First off was a trip to the National Museum where you get charged a premium for being an adult foreigner. The fee is worth it though as you can easily spend a day in there taking everything in. We were there three hours. My second extra has a few images of things that really stood out (read - I was able to get a decent shot of).

We came home briefly to change and get ready for a night at the Royal Opera House! But first, we had something to eat at D'Arcy's kitchen. It is so much cheaper to eat out here. Then, a promised trip to try to capture the zigzag road which has fascinated me no end since I first saw it a few years ago. Hilde managed to get us to a spot directly opposite it. (See my first extra.)

We made it to the Opera House for a 7:15 seating. A Vietnamese show, which was a birthday treat for me! The Opera House is certainly very grand and technically more advanced than Dubai's as every seat has a small TV screen to show a translation of the libretto so people can follow the story. Too much man! The show itself was a visual feast and very entertaining. My main image is of the building from the car park.

We finished the evening sitting on Hilde's roof, drinking Prosecco and generally talking about the sorry state of the world!

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