Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Landing Gear

My flight was delayed by over an hour, which meant there was a lot more light when flying into Dubai. Having secured a window seat at check-in, I was so pleased that the middle seat on the 777 was free!

I managed to watch one movie, get a few hours sleep and take pictures over the mountains and desert coming in to land, but have gone with posting the wings on the plane as we rarely get to see all that happens to bring the aircraft safely to the ground.

Dubai Airport was actually efficient this morning, and I was in a taxi (with a grumpy driver) on my way home within an hour. G met me downstairs as I had two pieces of luggage more than I normally would have. I was tired, but we sat and caught up with each other's times away eating hot cross buns and drinking tea. I unpacked and showed G all the goodies I brought back.

We chatted about which Good Friday service to go to - 12pm at the Anglican church, or 2pm for a Seder meal with the Salvation Army. We chose the latter! Glad we went there because our friends were very happy to see us.

We came home right away to a quiet evening, watching The Robe on DVD, something G always likes to do on Good Friday.

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