Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Last meal

(Blipped on 21/4)

It's my turn to leave Hong Kong. ;( It will be very different not to be here, after being with SweetArt for almost two weeks!

We had a much needed quiet day at home. Poor Sandy has got a cold and really needed to stop. I got on with packing my stuff. I thought I'd be OK with the weight, but I seem to have just as much to take back. It's all those clothes made in Shenzhen! Having had a problem on my way over, Sandy suggested a strategy in case I have trouble at the airport desk.

It has not been a dry day, in fact, later in the evening, we had thunder and lightning. Not nice as Roberto and Elizabeth invited us for a BBQ for my last meal. Roberto went ahead and barbequed the food in the park downstairs, but we ate in their flat. We had chicken, lamb and salmon, all cooked to perfection and then fruit for dessert.

We had to leave early for the airport. Sandy and Ben accompanied me and stayed on in case I had problems with my bags. We had to repack a few things, so my hand baggage was full and heavy. The counter staff had a much better attitude to the excess weight than their counterparts in Dubai. I am sad to be leaving as I have enjoyed my time catching up with family, but also looking forward to being home again.

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