Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Back into town

(Back blipping this on 21/4)
Wow. I can't believe how many days I've fallen behind!

We didn't have too early a start to make it into town for rachelwhynot's last day. She wanted a picture of the trams and so did I.

First stop was M&S to return a blouse I bought when I first arrived. I have to say, I love Central and the vibe there. There is much to photograph. We then headed to the Lippo Centre - to the Christian Bookshop to be specific. Sandy reckoned the quickest way to get there was by tram. They are great, but rickety and not the smoothest ride.

We stopped for lunch at Crystal Jade - SweetArt's favourite restaurant chain. The food there was closer to the Chinese food I am familiar with. We got to the Elim Bookshop and had a quick look around (time always seems to vanish in HK). I got G some beans to use with the Awana kids.

We then went on the hunt for cool umbrellas and ended up in Sham Shui Po. Sadly, the specialist umbrella shop is closed on a Wednesday, so we had a broggle around the electronics market there. Hong Kong teems with life everywhere. I've tried to capture this in my extra. More things seen and admired but not brought home; I am constantly running out of cash here! :(

We headed back via the North Plaza where we saw the horses and lovelocks which SweetArt has blipped in the past. Sandy popped into a store to check a Shenaini stands and bought G and Eileen a gift each. We then met up with Martin and Ben for Happy Hour drinks at Hemingway's.

Home for Eileen to pack her bag, have some dinner and then head to the airport. Sandy, Ben and I accompanied her. Anything for a bus ride! ;)

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