Water Tank

I am so glad I have only had a three day week.  It was another early start, and another fun-filled day.  The stress of the week probably peaked today – though more so for others than for me.   Later in the day, I was glad to be able to eventually turn my mind to other things, though I still haven’t made much of an impression on all the e-mails that built up while I was off last week.  At least I found my phone on my desk, which was a relief.

BB was playing football when I got to after school club.  We then had the usual quick turnaround to get him back out to cubs.

I should have gone for a run, but I hadn’t the energy.  It was a lovely evening though, so I went for a walk, which helped to clear my head so I can focus on others things – like the badminton tournament!

I think this is an old water tank.

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