Pasque Flower

Another glorious day – a perfect day for a  washing-fest! I did loads of washing, which all dried outside.  At one point I had run out of space and pegs. 

Once BB was off to school, I went for a run – it was really lovely and there are signs of spring everywhere at long last.  The fields are becoming green, there is blossom on the tress and leaves are starting to emerge.  BB was worn out when he got home from school.  He said his legs were aching from last night’s football as he had done so much running around.  He had PE today, and they were practising for an athletics event, so more running.

After attempting to have my lunch I the garden - typically a very big cloud appeared and the sun disappeared just at the moment I sat down - we had a quiet afternoon.  I did a few chores, then dragged BB out for a walk in the sunshine, otherwise he may not have left the house.  He was back at Scouts tonight where they were building an assault course.  I was preparing for the weekend’s badminton tournaments.  We hope we are organised.

Here’s my lovely purple pulsatila flower, which is blooming a little later than usual.

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