Osprey Looking at Me

I walked to the edge of Lake Sue to photograph the birds I saw flying in and out of the tall reeds, but I looked up and saw this beautiful Osprey. He looked down directly at me and I guess he thought I was okay because he simply stayed right there on a branch in the shade of the tree. See extra for the full view. I love the Spanish Moss in the trees here so I was glad to get some in my shot.
Tonight my friend and I walked to a tree where she often sees Barred Owls, but they were not there this evening. I will keep checking back to see if I can catch them there. We could hear them calling to each other in the distance......but not often enough for us to follow the sounds to them.
The weather here couldn't be nicer. It is about 82 F with a very nice breeze. I have definitely enjoyed getting out for walks in this beautiful neighborhood. There is lots tall trees so I have plenty of shade; the last thing I want is a sunburn!
Thanks for visiting and for taking the time to comment when you have the time.  :-))

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