Porty Prom (again)

A good standby on a Saturday morning, when there are chores to undertake at Fort Kinnaird and when I feel like I've either been hit by a train, or that I'm walking through treacle.

I was buzzing last night, and consequently slept extremely badly, waking up at about 3.15am, but eventually got back to sleep after 90 mins sitting in the front room. Morning brought confirmation of the links I was expecting to see, although I had foolishly forgotten that the Herald, like the Scotsman, allows comments on articles as well as leaders. Hmmmm. Not the most edifying debate I have ever seen, but it's fun to be villified as an EXPERT.... There has also been a fair amount of action on twitter, which is fun. It's an important debate, and I'm glad to have contributed to getting it started.

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