Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

Goodbye to Luke

Luke is driving back to Durham this evening and so I wanted a last photo of him before he went. I also promised Murdoch that I would take a photo of him looking smart since his visit to the groomers earlier this week - so the best option was a photo of both of them! I have added an extra of Murdoch so you can see how neat his beard is, before it gets all scruffy again!

A quiet day at home, we had a quick BBQ lunch so that Luke had something substantial to eat before he sets off, as supper for him will no doubt be something horrible on the road tonight. I did offer to make something for him to take in the car but he declined, preferring to buy something warm from a roadside stop.

Our school camera group is going to Paris for a photographic weekend in September, so I paid the amount today and now it is confirmed I am looking forward to that. I will probably even get to see Luke there!

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