Celery Fly

Celery Fly may be a pest in some gardens and allotments, but in our garden it lives on Alexanders and Hogweed and doesn't cause any damage at all. It's only tiny, 3-4mm long, but has very attractively marked wings, which it waves to attract a mate, and the eyes are truly stunning (view large). This was another image taken with the MP-E 65mm, which is definitely becoming one of my favourite lenses.

This image was taken in a quiet interlude between shopping in Peterborough in the morning for things needed for Molly's party (a 12 inch cake tin, a larger tray-bake tin and a new flash for the camera, so that I can photographs the party and guests) and a visit to Barnack Hills and Holes in the afternoon, to check out routes for a guided walk we're leading next weekend. 

The Pasqueflowers were amazing (see extras), forming purple sheets on some of the steeper mounds, much earlier than last year when they didn't really reach their peak until the start of May. There was also a fine display of cowslips and some good patches of Early Purple-orchids, but we couldn't find any Green Hairstreaks. It may have been a bit too cool and breezy. I'm quite glad the weather's going to be cool and damp next week, as it means all the flowers should still be looking good next Saturday!

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