What do we want? Facts

When do we want them? After peer review?

Can you picture yourself on a protest march shouting these two phrases? That is what we did today. It was the national march for science and Steve and I joined our friend Carroll and a large group of Bellinghamsters in a local march for science.

The speeches were great. Two people read their winning submissions to a contest for pro science speakers. A young Native American scientist talked of her work and how it related to the connectedness of everything. A former astronaut talked of seeing the earth in space. And a local science professor who is running experiments using robots on Mars gave a very moving speech about her work and about how the scientific method works to understand how things really are. On Mars they are seeking evidence of life and she would like to find it. But if their experiments prove there is none and never was any life, she will accept the results because science is about the facts, not the wishes of how things might be. All of the talks were inspiring in spite of the rain that began when we arrived and ended just after the march was over.

Carroll drove Steve and me back to his house and headed off while the two of us drove over to visit Arvin at Silverado. We stayed a couple of hours and even played Bingo which Steve and I each one once. We got "Silverado dollars" and could pick something out in the country store. I got a lovely scarf and we gave back the two dollars. Steve was fine with that.

Steve and I then went to Wanida's for Thai food. We both like things spicier than the rest of the family so we were happy to be eating alone together. The food was yummy.

We came home to my house and played a couple of games. Both were interesting. The first was a virtual tie. And the second involved a long friendly fight over some territory. In the end we shared the farm we were fighting over and ended up in another close tie. Those are the games we like the best instead of one or the other beating the opponent by a large margin.

Now I'm enjoying a quiet moment before I continue with Heartland. Steve is on his way home. Often he does work in the evening as he is a night hawk. We had a great day together.

And now... I say... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all your comments, stars and hearts. You folks are the best!

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