"This is what democracy looks like!"

March for science : San Francisco! We went and took lots of photos! Ro and I are not marching animals and we're amazed to see thousands of people nearly all sporting banners. Many quite hilarious! A great atmosphere! I was amazed at how many children, many in arms, and how many dogs took part!

I gather this march has been repeated in many large cities around the world! I hope it has an impact in the right quarters!

We left the milling crowds to walk into the centre and have our traditional lunch in Loris Diner! I love the Bay prawn salad with a half avocado included and their own dressing! And Ro loves the coffee milkshakes! We hurried to get back on the march path and stood watching them pass for over an hour! They just kept coming! According to our daughter the Women's march, the day after Trump's inauguration took 5 hours to march past!

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