Cat rescued!

Great excitement last night when we got back home late after the concert.
A van stopped outside our gate with a meowing cat inside.
It was the SSPCA with Cambus.
Could we direct them to his owner? 
“Certainly” I said.
 Only a few minutes before we had dropped Frances off at her home and her last words were “I keep expecting to see Cambus…”
So, when I rang her up and said “Cambus has been found” she thought I was joking.
After five days it was little short of a miracle.
Apparently a passer-by had heard him meowing in the nearby quarry, where he was perched high up on a ledge having fallen over the edge.
He escaped death by a whisker.
Well, the SSPCA called in the local Fire Brigade and they got him down.
Frances is absolutely delighted.
I went to photograph the pair of them today – only to discover that after a good nights sleep and some food he was fully recovered and had gone off on another hunting expedition.
Some cats never learn.

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