Rissa's World

By MarissaMichelle

Day Two with the Parents

Day two with the parents started off at the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery. The name refers to the Buddhas stacked on shelves in the main hall, but there are over 13,000 between the five temples, two pavilions, nine-story pagoda and 400 steps up the hill to the monastery. And all that just in the morning. Then we met up with an old exchange student my mom knows from Shenzhen and had a lovely lunch. 

In the afternoon we headed back over to Hong Kong Island to see St John's Cathedral which is the oldest Anglican church in east Asia. Next we took a taxi up to The Peak and spent the rest of the late afternoon and early evening sitting on one of the patios overlooking Hong Kong watching the lights come alive.

We then realized we still needed to get boat tickets to Macau. Turns out that is not so easy to do when tomorrow happens to be Easter. So we hopped on a ferry to get to what I thought was the ferry terminal... And I was wrong. Finally we found the right place only to learn that apparently lots of people wanted to go to Macau on Easter and the only tickets we could get were for boats leaving from the terminal on Hong Kong Island. But hey we still got tickets! And that was all for the boat drama, or so I thought....

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