Our apple blossom

Tis' the season for blossom, capturing the fleeting glimpse of an abundance of wonderful flowers that clothe our trees. This is our old apple tree, left over from when the land on which our road was built was an apple orchard. I think it is the only one of the whole orchard remaining. It's a Worcester Pearmain and has given countless fruit over the 17 years we've been here. It's gnarled, has lots of places where limbs have been amputated, covered in lichens and mosses and shades the best beds in the garden but when you have blossom like we have this spring it's worth persevering with the old thing. I've tied a small piece of twine around this spur to see what develops and perhaps blip it later.

A more regular day today. A walk in the morning to buy some sprout plants as I forgot to get seed and it's getting late and some spot weedkiller and of course, a coffee. The afternoon was spent replacing a mirror in the bathroom. Like all these tasks this took longer than expected because although the mirror is exactly the same when it went up it wasn't quite straight. Which leads us to think that the original wasn't straight either. It's going to annoy me now so it looks like I'm going to have to put it right.

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