Wind Tree by Michio Ihara

This is the third time I have posted a photo of this sculpture, presently located in the Wynyard Quarter. The first time was in 2011 when I gave some of the background to its placement here. In 2012, I blipped it again.

Today, I left work early to collect a new passport, so I was home in time to take S to her writing group. Parking in the city, even at 5 pm is not good, so being dropped off is preferrable to a taxi as a bus would be diabolical, not ending up anywhere near where she wants to go. Rather than head home, I chose to go to the Wynyard Quarter for a walk in the late afternoon warmth and sunlight. 

I was struck by the way the low sun, only a few minutes before actual sunset, was catching this intriguing stainless steel sculpture. Ihara created it as part of the 1971 Auckland International Sculpture Symposium, and it was erected in Queen Elizabeth Square at the seaward end of Queen Street. When that was redeveloped in 2002, the sculpture was removed and placed in storage. Ihara was so hurt by this, that he described it as "destroyed" on his website. 

The development of the Wynyard Quarter resulted in it being brought from storage, refurbished, and placed in Jellicoe Park, where it is able to flex in the wind as the sculptor always intended it to. Being set over water has added to its attractiveness and it is a popular place for people to sit and have their lunch.

The sculpture is 22 m long, 5.5m high and 5m wide.

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