On ANZAC eve

A very different day at work today. My colleagues and I had finished our designated tasks of reviewing the serious incidents in our Directorate since 01 July last year (and written the required report), and had also rewritten one last time our part of the DHB's submission to the Mental Health Inquiry. Others became responsible for incorporating our words into the final submission, and the former task had provided our Director with something to give to the CEO.

A couple of meetings I was meant to go to were cancelled to allow others to focus on the submission, and I had spare time. So I started a literature search to assist in establishing evidence based standardised treatment pathways. And had the time to get plenty to read. 

I was therefore energised and enthusiastic when I met with the registrar for supervision. She did an excellent presentation yesterday on weight gain with the medications we use. However, she felt critical of herself for being a bit subdued. Our discussion helped her to accept that as she is not a natural extrovert her style of presenting is going to be more informative rather than entertaining, and that yesterday's presentation was informative and challenging to presumptions; and therefore very good. 

Home to the apartment where S and daughter C were having their nails done. The nail lady has given up the salon approach and is visiting women in their homes, and that suits S and C. I sat on the deck and watched the sunset, which tonight was majestic. I know there is no connection to the events of over 100 years ago at Gallipoli, but it seems an appropriate expression of hope that men around the world will cease fighting and killing and scrabbling for the advantage and will decide that enough untimely deaths of enough people have already occurred and we can start to care for everyone and share the goodness of this world more justly and fairly.

One can have a dream like Martin Luther King. Or imagine like John Lennon. Or just feel and know that everyone in the world enters with as much right to life and health and eudaemonia as anyone else.

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