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Lacock (Monday April 24th 2017)

Having been out and about in the morning, I paused at Lacock on the way home. I didn't go in to Lacock Abbey's grounds on this occasion, instead using the dog walker's footpath that winds between the grounds and the River Avon and got this shot of the Abbey on the way (Looks better in Large).

As I walked up to Lacock Bridge I was rewarded by the sight of a swan coming through one of the arches of the bridge towards me (posted as an Extra).

24.4.2017 (1048 hr)

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Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Buffalo Springfield - Bluebird (recorded April 1967, Sunset Sound, Los Angeles CA)
Heard in the car on today's Radcliffe and Maconie on The Chain, this Steve Stills composition was on Buffalo Springfield Again and featured their guest Charlie Chin on banjo. An edited version was on a single.

One year ago:
Shrewsbury (Blue tit)

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