I sat out this morning with my chipmunk and squirrel friends. This little guy, I think I'll call him Owen was very busy and quite tame already. As I sat on the patio I caught sight of a Tufted Titmouse collecting moss from near our old pear tree and then flying it up that tree and nipping into a hole to a nesting cavity it was preparing. I have used all of my extra photos already, but you can see the toiling Titmouse on my flickr account or the whole sequence here. I was thrilled to watch the process. We have had a Titmouse couple in the old tree several years ago, it's exciting.

Aprecious and I exchanged a couple emails today. She and her co-worker were driving to Provincetown to visit the Pilgrim Museum, then back to Boston to return the rental car and fly home to the UK tonight. What a lovely day we had on Saturday.

T is in Maryland for a day and night on a business trip.Raspberry and I are holding down the front. I'm halfway through editing the candid photos I took at the baby shower yesterday afternoon. So many babies waiting to be born soon, it's exciting. We have another shower early next month for T's nephew's wife. First babies all around, all girls. Nora Jo, Amie and the third one is a secret so far.

For the Record,
This day came in sunny and warm, turning cooler as teh day wore on.

All hands wondering about the frantic run-up to 45's 100 Days. Shutdown, wall $, compromise?

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