Easter School

19th April 2017:

Our thoughts on doing what we do is to stretch every possibility out of the tiny funding we have. This is not a complaint, its just a fact, because we have the most amazing donors anyone could imagine, but no Government to Corporate support.
By stretching I mean stretching our minds and thoughts.
On our last visit, we spoke to our people and asked if all our girls could come to the Centre for fun (yes fun first), some lessons, some discussions and two sleep-overs. 
The sleep over is mat on the floor style, and maybe their coat over them, as they have at home. The idea is that they have chats and stories and counselling, and advice over the three days, one Forn at a time.
Of course our ladies, Florence, Rose, Miriam, Margaret and Prominence turn this idea into three days never to be forgotten. 
The food would be considered 5 Star.
The netball was to die for without anything resembling a playing surface.
They had talks on Horticulture, and school subjects, and why not to get married to pregnant, too early, from adults with the experience. They had the benefit of access to two qualified social workers. They had sessions with a local youth group on HIV/AIDS and more.
In this pic we have Hans from next door showing a video.
Its not surround sound with all the add-ons, but its magical and something they have never seen before.
Most of our lives now are about dreaming mad dreams and seeing our Malawian workers put them into motion.

All thanks to our donors, our mad notions and most importantly our Malawian women employees and volunteers who can patch it all together to make so many lives so much better

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