By wellsforzoe

Horticulture at the Centre for Learning

20th April 2017:

The Centre for Learning is an amazing place. Not alone has it expanded the horizons of most of the 177 girls we support in Secondary school but it is now attracting teachers and experts in many fields to give their time voluntarily. 
Here we have a lesson on drip-irrigation from our friends next door in the Smart Centre working with a most interested group of Form 2's. 
This is part of their course on horticulture but more importantly for me it id an education that will, maybe, help to feed themselves and their families and villages in the future.
My dreams are simple. 
No pregnancy or marriage until their secondary education is complete.
Gain in confidence and self esteem.
Achieve as much academically as they can AND
All our girls should be able to grow their own food.

These are the basic guidelines, and we know there will be bonuses, because we know how determined our girls are

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