By wellsforzoe

Dreaming with others

21st April 2017:

Alfred sent me the following whats app yesterday:
I would like also to inform you, Boss, that yesterday we had some women from Ng'onga women federation, all the way from Rumphi. They help rural women in businesses, farming and many things. There visit was to request us to go there tomorrow, they have a big meeting whereby all women and chieves will gather so they want us to be there. There is a big water problem in the area so they want us to tell them how we can help them and what is needed. They also want someone to talk about pre schools. So I decided that I(pumps), Mirriam (pre schools) Rose  (the one who knows the area) and Benjamin (driver) should go there and be together with the gathering and inform them what W4Z is all about.

I Replied: 
You should bring a full team except the people from the girl child project who were having Easter Holiday classes and sleep over.
You need to concentrate on green manure and the possibility of making a business our of forestry.
See as many people as you can and bring a large supply of seeds and seedlings.

Preliminary report from Alfred: 
Hie boss, I'm glad to inform you that we had a wonderful day yesterday. We had three separate meetings where people gathered in there large numbers. People were amazed to hear what w4z is doing across Malawi. First to speak was Benedicto who talked much about Terthrosia. People were very much interested to know that they can grow maize or any plant without applying artificial fertiliser but having bumper harvest. Using Terthrosia as pesticides, even using as food storage. They only know that Terthrosia is for killing fish. Now they have changed there mind set that Terthrosia is not for killing fish but for manure making, pesticides and storing there food. He also talked about the goodness of vitamin c in fruits and advised them to grow more fruits in there homes also encouraged to grow more trees due to deforestation. Seeds were given to any participant. Second to speak was Mirriam who talked much about the goodness of sending there children to pre schools and training for the caregivers. Then Harrisen was third speaker. He talked much about the newly designed irrigation pump. They were interested to hear about this pump because they say, they are tired watering with cans. They promised to buy during dry season. Then it was my turn. Everyone was happy to hear that W4Z is giving free pumps to communities. We were shown the places where they get water, it is very pathetic. People and animals share the same water. According to them, they are saying that there are many water borne diseases. They feel that salvation has come to their area. They have requested for more pumps in there area. All in all we had a wonderful day

We came home very tired but so happy to be able to offer so much to our own people.

This is what I dream of as development. 
People dream their dreams and make a start.
We assist with THEIR plans.

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