400 Happy people

21st April 2014:

This is an 8.8 meter deep well in the village of Saulosi, where over 400 villagers had no clean water until today. The got their water from a polluted stream. They are not alone, in that maybe 800 million people in the world,  have no access to clean water.
AND no one in this village will have to walk more that 400 meters for their water from now on.
Only fear is that water table might drop.
If that were to happen, they will need to take out the pump, take off the cover, get down in the well and dig it deeper. 
We would then simply extend the two concentric pump pipes, and off they go again. No pressure. No problem, tiny cost. 
We give them water and stay around. Our all Malawian staff are on the same page, and so are our amazing donors.
With the assistance of villagers, it costs about One Euro to give a person clean water. We guarantee our pumps for five years, no quibble, but there is no reason that the pump won't go on and on
This is no bother, as our pumps installed in 2006 are still up and at it.
They do have issues, but these have all be sorted at village level, mainly by women who have had simple training. The fact that there are no parts that rust or corrode is a great help.

Donor: Bonsecours Community, Cork Ireland

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