Knitting for Malawi

22nd April 2016:

This morning Mary and myself travelled North on the M3 to the lovely town of Bailieborough to meet an amazing group of ladies who knit. For the past number of years they have been knitting, along with women in Shercock, for our little ones, mainly in Malawi.
This is a labour of love and kindness and the unique garments are delivered to an amazing array of needy in Mzuzu and its surrounds.
Some go to Lillian and becomes prized possessions in the Birthing Centre in Lusangazi.
Some go to a little orphan care facility in the city. Here a wonderful group of women take-in newborns and infants when mothers die in childbirth (Infant mortality in Malawi is horrendous) and keep these little dotes until they can be sent out to their grannies or families when they can eat solids, mane when they are 9 to 12 months old.
Some go to the hospital when we get a call to say a new born has no clothes, or to the maternity section of the Mzuzu health centre.
Sometimes its like an on-call service.
The morning began with tea and lovely sweet cooking enough be be very tempting!!
Mary spoke of the reality of the poverty we live with every day, to a most attentive, interested and caring audience. The interaction was uplifting and inspiring. I even got to say a few words as the token man in the place!
Two teachers also came in from the local Community School and invited us to speak to the students later and promised some fundraising.
Close-knit rural communities are wonderful people to work with and we are so appreciative on behalf of some of the poorest people in the world, who will soon become fashion icons with their bespoke knitted wear.
They will love it and appreciate it so much.
Oh, I almost forgot that they presented us with a cheque as well: What an inspiring day.
The wall hanging was done by the initial group, each doing one eight inch square, and their names are embroidered at the bottom.
The final pic shows some of the many gorgeous items presented to us

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