By wellsforzoe

Buns and Tea: What a treat?

22nd April 2017:

Florence is a married woman with four children and a passion for community development, mainly in the area of Women's Self Help Groups.
She is head of our Girl Child Project.
She writes about the Easter Classes as they have named them:

Hi Boss

Everything was fine and wonderful, Students enjoy it so much.

I hope you have received all the pics from Rose.

LESSONS:  All the Teachers did their work very well in rotational according to our plan [in days ] and Time table as usual. We also included irrigation and physics.

ATTENDANCE:. FORM 1,  32/39;    

FOOD;  We had plenty of food with Vegetables, Meat, Beans [we fed our girls 2 times with our flesh Beans from the behind field , Milk Tea with scones and on the final day for each group, was the highlight. ( We had Vegetable from the Farm.) ACTIVITIES: We did it and I saw Students likes it so much and enjoy. ┬áJacquie, Prominence, Margret and Charity [Harrisen's wife ] did Social Lesson on  girls about gender and show them a movie about a girl who achieve what she wanted to be on her life after finishing her Education.

MATRONS: Margret and Prominence did their works very well including 2 kitchen workers [ in rotational] up to the end of our Boarding.

This was done in public and individual to encourage them to achieve their goals.

Ruth came and worked in her counselling with girls one by one.

2 NEEDY STUDENTS : I shopped for everything we planned and gave them privately. So I gave it to 4 more Students  andI also started buying half of Uniforms for our needy girls and tomorrow the Man will start sowing it. 

It was a great idea my boss and can we talk about having more during the summer holidays and do more work in the gardens and maybe the farm.
They can help us and learn so much at the same time.I will talk to parents


Tea with a lot of milk and sugar is  special and everyone loves it, but adding sweet, yellow buns from the bakery, is the real deal.
It shows how twisted our world is that maybe this could be the highlight of some poor girls whole life.

I know on the grand scale of things its insignificant or a drop in the ocean, but I'm so glad that we are getting a chance to do these little things

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