Jazz after Dark

My show at Jazz after dark was great fun! My friend Phil Marriott came along to shoot some footage, he is kindly going to make a little film about the night for me.
The lovely Emma cut the train into town with me which was so nice, my friend Nicola was there when I Arrived with her cousin and five other friends, Stewie came down with two friends from work! my friend abigail bailey came along, her boyfriend Tony surprised her and she didn't realise where she was going until she saw me sitting outside, what a lovely surprise! I enjoyed singing some new songs tonight as well, I learned In Thesee Shoes by Kirsty McCall and I've got a crush on you as well as a big band version of Night and Day which is much better than the last one I was doing, lots more energy, I also enjoyed singing moon dance.
There are lots of really fun people there that I didn't know was well, late in the evening a couple strolled in at just after midnight she said 'it's my birthday' so of course we all sang to her and raised our glasses!

I visited mum today, she was very with it and we were able to have a conversation of sorts, I was also able to see where her teeth are gone from when she knocked them out last week, we didn't talk about it, she has a very nasty cut as well on her face which looks very deep, next time I go we'll have a chat and I'll ask her what she wants to do about her teeth. I chopped up some fruit jellies for her and put some chocolate buttons on a plate which she really enjoys. She also had a lovely card from my brother which I read to her. She says she's really enjoying the scrambled egg in the morning, I don't know why didn't think of it before, much more interesting than white bread marmalade. I had a lovely walk home through the park listening to songs.

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