Moody Weather!

What a day!  Work was plodding along as it does, when the fire alarm went off....and the day descended in chaos instead...we were outside 40 minutes and it was freezing!!!!

Took the rest of the morning to warm up properly!

This afternoon I did some audio typing :)  Haven't done anything like that for years and it was interesting too.  Not quite finished but they're not worried about having it done instantly :)

So tired and cold, I am already ready for bed, but have things to do...Mango chicken is cooking in the oven :)

Thank you so much for all your comments, stars and hearts over the last few days, I am really behind just now....

Oh yes and Facebook was back briefly this morning.  I received a PM from another blipper, and I thought that it would all be OK again, but not so :(

Happy Wednesday folks :)

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