Candygram from the Harvest Gardens

It's hard to believe it is even possible, but the tulip display just keeps getting better and BETTER at the Arboretum. I returned to the children's garden on this morning to find that it looks like a candy store. So here's a candygram from the Harvest Gardens at Childhood's Gate!

The shot above is a revisitation of last week's pic of the blooms around the Glass House at Childhood's Gate. You can see the little wooden shed off to the right. More colors have been coming up: in the flower display, we now have yellows and purples too!

And in the extra photos, you may find a view looking in the other direction, back toward the transformation canopy at the top, the harvest gardens in the middle, and in the left distance, the pretty little garden kaleidoscope that is so much fun to play with. At this time of year, wild horses couldn't keep me away!

The song for this day has to be about candy. So here is Lesley Gore, with Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows.

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