Special Duck Maneuvers: Do the Mallard Twist

I stopped by Millbrook Marsh for the first time in nearly a month, and I immediately noticed two things: 1) the place is looking rather shorn, after the removal of invasive plants in the past week or two, and 2) there were several adorable, colorful, tiny chairs arranged at intervals along the boardwalk.

The removal of invasives will be an ongoing project, to be completed in several phases. The intention is that eventually, things will be better for wildlife habitat. However, right now, it just feels kind of weird, and my honest reaction is that I don't like it at all!

One of my favorite things about Millbrook has always been that it is a cozy little wild area tucked into what seems a rather secret spot in town. It has always felt very private and special. You go there, and you are sort of protected from the real world.

Now I can see through what used to be trees and bushes straight into the nearby pasture land. And I can see and hear every single car that goes by on Puddintown Road. The boardwalk feels weirdly open; not protected at all. 

The tiny chairs . . . well, the marsh is host to many outdoor events, often targeted at children. And in fact, when I returned to my car in the parking lot after I'd walked around a bit, I encountered several small groups of children, each group led by two or three hosts, heading out onto the marsh.

There were mallards carrying on and bathing on Thompson Run, and they were relatively impervious to my presence. This particular mallard seemed to be performing some special maneuvers with an unduly high degree of difficulty: just look at that mallard do the twist!

Here's the soundtrack song: Chubby Checker, with The Twist.

P.S. In order to catch up, I've posted two blips on the same day. Please be sure to check out the red tulips as well!

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