The Arboretum's Tulip Show Begins in Red

Every year, Penn State's Arboretum hosts a wonderful tulip display. The largest portion of it is near the Sundial. But the flower show in the harvest gardens at Childhood's Gate can be pretty impressive too.

This year, we are running a few weeks behind on flowers. Winter lingered, and spring looks to be rather brief, as last week, it was still snowing, and next week, temps will leap to 75 degrees. As someone I know said recently, intending to be humorous: "Which weekend was spring, again?"

All of this is to say that the tulip display is running a bit behind this year. By this time last year, the tulips were in full swing and the show was approaching peak. On this day, when I visited the gardens, I estimated that only about 5 percent of the tulips are blooming yet.

This is a view of the red tulips in the courtyard area between the lily pond and the poplar court. It looks especially open right now because the bamboo that usually separates this courtyard from the lily pond has been cut down as part of spring pruning. (Don't worry, it'll grow back!)

Yes, the reds are as bright and colorful in real life as they look in the picture. :-) So let's let the song to accompany this springy image to include the word red. Here is Ronnie Dunn, with Bleed Red.

P.S. In order to catch up, I've posted two blips on the same day. Please be sure to check out the mallard twist as well!

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