There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

A Visit to the Big Tree at Tudek Park

It had been a while since I'd visited Tudek Park, and since I was nearby and ended up with ten minutes to spare, I spent it there. I did not expect that much would be going on yet in the community gardens, and that was indeed the case. Just two gardeners were out and about, doing things; messing around in the dirt.

I didn't have time to stop at the butterfly garden to see if any interesting flying critters were there. It was a cool and breezy day anyway, so it's possible that it may be a while before there are lots of butterflies out and about. Maybe next time, I'll check.

But I did get to visit the huge white oak that sits in the middle of the park. It is one of my favorite trees in our community, and I like to go and see it regularly. I wanted to be sure that things were progressing as they should be (you never know when a favorite tree might not make it out of winter dormancy). And indeed they were: the tree is budding for spring!

A song for a big, big tree: Fleetwood Mac, with Big Love.

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