There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Bloom Time Comes to Childhood's Gate

April into May is such a gorgeous time at the local Arboretum. I could never live in a place where the weather is the same all year long. We have true winter here, and spring, and summer, and fall; and each season has its glories. In April, the flowers that have been sleeping all winter awaken, and they begin to bloom their fool heads off. And I - curious creature that I am - I must go and see!

A day or two ago, a friend tipped me off to the yellow fritillaries (also known as crown imperial) in the children's garden. I had also stalked them on campus, and made some fun pictures of them, and some new friends in the process too. So on Thursday morning, I made my way back to the Arboretum, and straight into Childhood's Gate I went!

Here you may see one of my favorite residents of Childhood's Gate, Ferdinand the Bull (or at least, that's what I call him). And above his head, a pretty pink tree. To the right and front foreground and left: everywhere, blooms and blooms and blooms! Hooray!

The soundtrack is the Paper Kites, with Bloom.

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