Dexter at the Top of the World

In our house, I have a bedroom that is chock full of mostly clothes and shoes. When I am working, I often just toss things in there when I'm done with them. I haven't worked in the office in over a month, so I don't have much occasion to wear all of those clothes or pretty shoes right now. So I decided it was time to tidy things up and put all of my work clothes away.

Fortunately, dear Dexter - also known as The Helperton - was available to supervise the operation. As you can see, he climbed to the very tippy-top of things so that he could have a better view. From there, he could oversee things and provide direction to what we were informally calling Operation Better Organization. And of course, things were so much better when we were done. Good job, Dexter!

Here's a song for a tip-top tabbycat: the Carpenters, with Top of the World.

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