The accidental finding

By woodpeckers

High Street Reflections

Day two back at nursery. Two new children. Too many nappies...
I made it through swimming: we have a hydro pool because we are attached to a special school. This is fabulous, but hot! I haven't been involved in taking the children swimming for a long time, but I've recently changed my hours to take in some maternity cover, so I'll be swimming for this term, as well as having an (unpaid) lunch hour, also for the first time in ages. I went to the park during this lunch break.The swans' eggs in their nest on the lake  have not hatched yet. Still sitting...

In the afternoon I attempted to see Ghost in the Shell, because my niece Christina has her first-ever credit at the end. She is TMLHereandThere's daughter, and works in costumes for New Zealand's film industry. Sadly, the cinema employee told me that the film was no longer showing. I protested that the website had misinformed me, but he replied that today's showing had been cancelled owing to a complete lack of bookings. Clearly cinemas expect to run like airlines these days... He offered me the chance to watch it at midnight  on Thursday night/Friday morning! 

I wandered off feeling disconsolate, but, soon realised that there were other films showing that I might actually prefer to Ghost. Settled for Their Finest because it features the actor Bill Nighy. It's a British film about a group of people in London during WWII, making a feelgood propaganda film about Dunkirk. So there's a film within a film, and the writers' lives become entwined, and the bombs keep on dropping... I enjoyed it, despite the bomb damage. 

When I came out of the film, the weather had changed. The cold wind had dropped, and sunlight was mellowing the town's red brick buildings. This shot shows the shop window of one of the trendy, vintage-y shops in the high street, with reflections of the other side of the street. I've forgotten the name of the shop, which is annoying: I think I even blipped it not so long ago!

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