The View of God

Mini Blipmeet today in Oxford with AnnieMay and Igor, to go to the Degas - Picasso exhibition at the Ashmolean.  We found the exhibition a little underwhelming - interesting to see how the world of art changed with the advent of modernism, but the exhibition lacked impact of finished articles for me.  I found some work of Picasso's that I really liked and AnnieMay and I shared ideas on what it really means to be Abstract...  

I am pleased that I saw so many of the outcomes of this process in Russia last week.  Made it all have more sense for me.

This is an enormous statue seen from above.  Very powerful.

We finished the day with a guided tour of the Bodleian Library - very interesting.
SHH spent the train journey home talking to our energy suppliers about why they might have come up with  a bill of over £9000 for us!  

April 26  The View of a God
Looking down on the man
Seeing everything
Every hair on his head
Every wrinkle in his brow.
The worries of life and of death
Etched into stone
Of harshness and power
But disappearing into the distance
Of time…
The Gods look down.
They play with man.
“They kill us for their sport.”

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