By dreaming

Hello again

I've been missing Blipfoto so much since the problem with my shoulder started - it's just dreadful.  I look at the thumbnails of all your wonderful photos, but if I start opening them, pretty soon I'm in pain again. And I miss talking with you - you're the light of my life at this point.

I'm continuing to get massage, but I have to be really careful.  Moreover, I haven't got the use of my camera because the end of the cable that connects to the computer broke off inside the camera, and I can't get it out.  I've been taking photos with my phone, but haven't been able to get the phone to Email them to the computer.  Technology and I are not friends.

So here is a photo I took just before the camera died.  I found this wonderful display of heirloom tomatoes at Central Market.  I may not be able to post again any time soon, but I did want to say I'm still here and paying attention.  I'm going to start giving hearts every day, so that at least I can do some good, even if I can't do much more.

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