In ya face

I decided not to process tonight's sunset and instead just post it in it's audacious vibrancy. This morning's sunrise was equally spectacular.

After a hard day in front of a couple of screens I raced home to grab a bit of paper work to take with me to the council. The Selwyn District Council were ever so helpful.

I viewed and speed read my Property File. Someone went off and printed the pages I'd noted while another person sat with me and filled in the gaps I couldn't understand from the various diagrams and documents about the construction of the concrete block wall in my garage.

We viewed photos on my phone and he explained how the consent process worked with what I can see on the outside, and how it fits with the diagram of the concrete block wall in the consent plans.

He didn't dodge my questions and was generous with his time, particularly as we approached 5pm the end of the councils working day (and week).

I need to decide now how long I persevere with the guy who's visited once and offered a few blobs of silicon, or if I just go straight over his head and escalate it higher.

I've had advice from 3 experts including the guy at the council today. They all agree that my garage doesn't need rebuilding but there is a problem with the build of the external concrete block wall and the remedial work needs to be permanent.

The house is built by a reputable company and that should be achievable. I might need to go around the guy I've been dealing with from the building company who is way down the food chain, not responsive enough, and has only offered silicon.

Anyway, I don't have to decide or do anything tonight. I can finish my beer, clean up the kitchen, and watch a movie.

In other words I can choose to relax.

Tomorrow promises to bring excitement. More about that then :-)

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