The Lawn Man came today.  He is attempting to make our lawn a bowling green....  Not.  But it is getting a bit  more grassy!  The non-grassy bits are in these black bags.

Did I mention that my walking shoes were leaking in the snow in Russia?  Well, they were, so I went to see what new ones were on offer today.  Found a very nice comfortable pair to walk in in Cornwall, and one or two other little extras courtesy of Rab and Karrimor.  Turned out to be a bit more expensive than anticipated!  Got to pack now!

April 28  Detritus
A bag of lawn.
Yes, that’s right.
A strong and burly man
Put the detritus of the lawn in bags
And left them by the road to be collected…
Lots of detritus.
The lawn remains,
Green and growing.
Spring cleaning.
Of the Lawn.
Losing its detritus.
Love that word.

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