Ditra mat

We made a start on our bathroom floor today :)  It was temporarily bright orange while we measured and cut the Ditra mat, which will go underneath the tiles.  We then started cutting the tiles, and discovered that the tile cutter we have barely made a scratch - so back onto the Screwfix website, one trip out for Tim and then he returned with a new, spinny blade one.  Eek!

We did a few straight cuts quite easily, and then spent what felt like several hours cutting the tile that needs to fit round the loo.  Thankfully that's the most complicated one out of the way - but lots more to do tomorrow.

We were due to go out to a friend's party this evening, but Tim's got a bit of a bug and was looking completely exhausted, so I thought I would go on my own instead - until I looked at the TfL journey planner and realised there were no trains running.  Every journey involved at least a couple of buses and a few tubes - so I stayed home too.  Felt bad for not going, but I have to admit it was really nice to stay in!

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