Cotehele Blipmeet

Fantabulous Blipmeeting day!

Chantler63, BlackTulip and Hildasrose met Technophobe, Loosecanon, Madchickenwoman, SueJay50, Terrifo, 28degreesnorth, Stella2, Roly, Gilesy.  Brilliant!

This was taken at Cotehele Quay

April 30   Blip holiday
Who’d have thought it?
We’ve gone on a Blipmeet,
All the way to Cornwall
And then back to Cotehele.
The wettest Blipmeet I’ve ever been on!
It rained and rained for so long
We were in danger of giving up
Then the sun came out.
So many Blippers.
So much fun.
So much love.
Then some sun.
And scones
And cream
And jam.

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