Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK


That came about really fast after 2500…… it’s not quite 7 years but thats what blipfoto thinks…

It’s always a time to think about whether this is strictly a journal or a place to do some more artistic and fun stuff.   Never one to stick with one thing I guess it’s a bit of everything. ( including watching those grandchildren grow!)    Had to include water, of course… I really really miss being on the water… but  I have hopes my arm (broke it April 13) will be better than ever and ready for some rowing by summer.   I’ve learned so much from so many wonderful blippers, some of which I have met and a few more on the list for later this year—it’s a real pleasure!

So I’ve messed with Lake Union and my tulips, all closed up from the rain.…. in between a walk this morning, a 2 PM wonderful concert performance of Purcell”s late 17th C opera , Dido and Aeneas, by Pacific Music Works, with period instruments, and then a 5:30 PM club basketball game of Nik’s ( 8th graders)  that was definitely worth going to.   Asked him if he got a bit of a break now after 4 tournament games this weekend and he said “i hope not..I love it!”  (Have all grandchildren’s signatures on my cast now ;-) )  Then more leftover kind friend dinner and now H has gone to leave our 1998 Volvo off to fix the leaking oil line tomorrow so it will hopefully run a bit longer.   

Normally with something “artistic” it’s always better to look at it the next day but I’m really done in for today so this is what you get. :-)
Not about to leave this wonderful supportive community any time soon!  Not the best commenter,  I appreciate the friendships I've made.... Hurray for blip!

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