Canada Goose

Spent the morning quietly. It was sunny and I thought I'd walk. But instead I dowloaded all the firmware for my Panasonic cameras and lenses and updated everything in my kit that needed updating. I did this mostly because my new G85 has dual stabilization and I wanted to be sure all the lenses that are compatible with that feature were up to date.

Then I went to visit Arvin. We spent a couple of hours together. When I got there he was sitting with the group at a Christian church service in the lobby area. This did not feel right to me as Arvin is of Jewish descent and has never wanted to go to a Christian church when he could make that choice. So I moved him to another room, lowered the radio and we sat and talked. Another fellow joined us. Later we went back to the lobby and participated in an art project. We decorated tiles for a mother's day display. It was fun.

After that I drove to the place where several friends in the Alz support group live. We were having a party in the clubhouse at their condo complex. Everybody brought finger food and we had a lovely time together. 

After I got home I took a short walk in the park. I saw one of the beavers again and tried to take some photos but the light was very low and the pictures were nowhere as nice as the ones I got recently. So I decided to blip this one of the resident Canada Goose. Today there were two so I expect we will be seeing little ones some time soon.

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